Joomla ajax Extender

module,plugin,template Extender

Provide new possibility to all your joomla extentions.

Add new ajax views, Call your own plugins, add new layouts for your components without the need to recreate a new one.

Drop the code tricks and hacks out of your development.

Tiny code for infinitely expanding your joomla apps !

The role of com_extend (the extension extender) is to allow adding more functionality to the plugins, modules and template without the need to rewrite a new Joomla component only for one or 2 new views or functionality.

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Download for free ! (Gnu/GPL )



Install it 

Use the joomla component installer.

You have now full acces to the new extended possibility.



Adding a link to the compatible extention.

 Step by step tutorial :

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Extending my own extensions ?


Briefly :

add your JOOMLA MVC structure to the root folder of your extension(module,plugin or template).

add models and view classname prefix (mod for module,plg for plugin, tpl for template eg, modMymoduleModelMymodule)


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the extender component provide a helper loaded before your extension and can be directly used.

To get the parameters you can use this static class in all your extensions

Read more: Get the extensions parameters

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