Joomla ajax Extender

The role of com_extend (the extension extender) is to allow adding more functionality to the plugins, modules and template without the need to rewrite a new Joomla component only for one or 2 new views or functionality.


The logic of joomla is to make a difference from a component and the other extension, because of this, it is not possible to access your application, with a URL link, and limit the possibility to display a view in Ajax or other features without hacks or tweaks.

The component com_extend simply follow the joomla logic but change the destination to use your extensions. So no hacks, no real tweaks, just the path is modified to find the right directories and files.

This mean that all development can use com_extend and all the joomla users can install and use it.

In most of case, just the installation of the extender and your compatible module, plugin or template make all working together, but some tools are delivered to get the best of your applications.