Joomla ajax Extender

module,plugin,template Extender

Provide new possibility to all your joomla extentions.

Add new ajax views, Call your own plugins, add new layouts for your components without the need to recreate a new one.

Drop the code tricks and hacks out of your development.

Tiny code for infinitely expanding your joomla apps !

Some values are used by com_extent, using this values may give unexpected results.

This layout names are reserved to add the joomla menu by com_extend:

md, mi, pl, ti, tp & extend 

using layout with this names can make troubles(most of case your layout is ignored and set to default).


If your extension is NOT a module, you always have to set the extend in the URL or in the POST values.

com_extend considers module as the default extensoin type and setting only the view values call the module controller.

module minimal valid


plugin minimal valid


template minimal valid