Extentions for joomla 2.5 & 3.xx

This is Virtuemart convertion for joomla 3.0, but not only !

New features

Full Shop Front-end administration not only product or category.

Include now a front-End administrator menu

Enhanced multi-vendor

In shop direct edit link for products,categories and manufacturers.(more to come soon)

All is converted to Bootstrap

The code is joomla 3.xx compatible(tested on joomla 3.3 and joomla 2.5)

New dashboard

 Administration-VirtueMart-Control-Panel snapshoot

Full Bootstrap responsive design :

VirtueMart responsive menu Phone snapshoot VirtueMart responsive bootstrap menu, desktop snapshoot


Simplified and more advanced Virtuemart plugin settings.

All List are now updated without complet page reload. No javascript and css refresh and size reduced by 2.

Tasks in lists view, publishing ..., only reload 260 Octets (the message itself) and not 80 Kbs.

Old parameters(jparameter) are removed and use now New joomla formFields.

Compatible with most PDF Engines*, this mean you are not restricted to use old tcPdf

Clone product with plugin correctly, if the method is in the plugin.

Commit update include many bug fix, i applied and share to the user.


Install Steps

1-Download Virtuemart 2 Joomla 3 Bootstrap and install as all joomla component
2-Download Virtuemart2 all-in-one joomla 3 and install as all joomla component

The pdf enchanced is included in all-in-one installer no need to install anything more.
All-in-one main plugins and modules are ready to run

 Github Page